Thursday, January 19, 2006


welcome to my home☆ my baby☆☆☆

welcome to my home! my babies!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have finally got you!

I think today will be the most mamorable day in my life! I hasitated a little bit, because it costed me big money enough to buy bland bags. Today, I went to shinsaibashi alone, and I went to DJ's shop. I was seriously nervous, because I decided to buy essential instruments for DJing. those instruments are very very expensive. So, it really mattered to me how to save money, but how to buy good quality one. At that time, the staff member, one nice guy was really really kind to me! I do not know well of which product is good or bad. So he explained to me in detail. So, I was able to decide in my choice. I brought the audio mixer I did buy in the bag which we can see in left top! on this post. it was really heavy!!! and brought sound speakers, too! I was worried that I could make a success.........! even while I was going back to my house with those instruments.
However, I will not go back. Anyway, I will try my best for this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
two turn tables are supposed to be delivered on sunday!!! In the moment, I am DJ!!!!!!! I am the turntablist! so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait until sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


my work "white rabbit"

it snows much near my house in Hiroshima. onetime in years , a great deal of snow surprise us. We enjoy and play with snow everytime. this is my work when I was Highshool student(Actually, I had school on the day, but school finnally had no class because of bad weather) I really remember how happy I was to go back home. this white rabbit was taken in front of entrance of my house.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This is my cat! Hana☆

←I keep one cat in Hiroshima. Her name is Hana. I found her in the hut when she was a baby, and I was Jr. high school student. I am angry that somone invaded into the hat, and left her behind. my grand mother disagreed that we keep the cat, because she do not like cats, and We have already kept one cat at that time. BUT! I did not take her away. She had three babies afterward, but all of them were died. I loved her son whose name is "Gingorou" he was not handsome, but very charming.
This is her son Gingorou! I named him
←she is her daughter! she was very beautful, and very proud of herself!
she was killed by the car accident

Saturday, January 14, 2006


coming of age celemony

we had coming of age celemony on January 9th. Hoever, I had to go back to Hirakata by the day, because I had shool from next day. So, I was going to join the celemony, but I was not going to join my Jr. high school class party because of being busy. I saw my friend who I had not seen for a long time since I graduated fom Jr. high shool. some of them looked quite different, and I could not recognize who they are. however, most of them are who they were in Jr. high school days. To my surprise, our class teacher also came to see us. He was not different sinse before. I strongly felt like talking with them more and more, so I dicided to say in Hiroshima in a longer time, and joined       class party. It was really really fan!!!!! I arrived at my home in hirakata at 11:45 in midnight.

Friday, January 06, 2006


My Sister Is Crazy(☆★)

people in this picture are my elder sister and her friends. according to my sister, they performed their "Pekori-dance" in these costumes as a surprising for the fairwell party. I felt they are happy and enjoying thier school life from this picture.

Saturday, December 31, 2005


New year day is coming soon!!!!!!

Hi! everyone what't up?? 2005 year almost finished, and 2006 is coming soon!!!!! I am gradually getting excited, and I am looking back on this year now. me, this year was productive for me. I am in Hiroshima now, and stay at my house with my family, my mom my elder si ster my aunt and my grand mother. I am spending my vacation doing housework instead of my mom and teaching English for my cousin who will be a high school student next year. I was going to lose my weight absolutely, but now it was in vain, although it is usual cases every year for me. In 5 minutes, new years come come come!............... welcome 2006!!!!!! I will make 2006 happy year for me.

Friday, December 02, 2005


ticken noodle(・3・)y

I found this at a convinience store near my apartment!

I purchaced a chiken noodle with the premium of Nabe. I was attracted when I saw this Nabe. very pretty! (☆☆) what is more, it was not waste of money because chiken noodle boiled in the Nabe was more delicious than one boiled in a usual way.

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